These classes are based on a (slightly) improved set of classes and functions that were originally built on CodeAcademy and that we have found extremely useful. They can serve as a basis for not only UserSpice or for your project as a whole. If you copy and paste this code, please get rid of the space before the opening php tag.


Once a user is logged in, you have access to $user.  Most likely, you are going to want to access a piece of information about the logged in user.

If you do a var_dump of $user->data(), you are going to get something like this.


At this point, you can call a piece of data using something like this:

echo $user->data()->id;

Which will echo out 13 to the page.

If you're going to use this a lot, you can do something at the top of the page like:

$logged_in = $user->data();

From then on you can just call,

echo $logged_in->email;

Of course, you might want to make things dynamic based on whether or not the user is logged in at all. You can write some pretty great if/else statements or cause redirects based on the logged in condition such as