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Token doesn't match! - PeterAarts - 03-12-2019

I have been using UserSPice as framework for my website a long time, I always was able to copy it to a new directory and use it again while testing.
Since a certain moment, forget when, I always get a message : Token doesn't match!

I can't find a way to get the website to work again !?
I feel like a fool, not being able to solve this, I expect it to be very simple...Sad

RE: Token doesn't match! - Brandin - 03-12-2019


Tokens not matching occur when the token being submitted in the form does not match the token generated in the class. This would be in a form or anytime you generate and post/submit a token.

Can you provide more information on the specific cases and code this is happening with? Is this custom code or US core code?


RE: Token doesn't match! - PeterAarts - 03-13-2019

Hi Brandin,

The website works great on 1 instance, copying to antoher server with another URL (localhost or webserver name) the error occurs.
Both servers have the same apache and MySql configuration. I the past it worked performing this method. I'm using US 4.3.

RE: Token doesn't match! - Brandin - 03-14-2019


Unfortunately I have no idea what could be causing this issue. Are they different OS'? I know we've run into some random issues here and there with Ubuntu I believe it was.


RE: Token doesn't match! - PeterAarts - 04-28-2019

I fixed it by performing a complete clean install and database clean-up.

RE: Token doesn't match! - Brandin - 04-29-2019

Thanks for sharing your resolution!