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Best Practice Info - - 07-15-2019

Hey guys, I'm new to UserSpice, and was wondering if there is a best practices post anywhere?

For instance, database setup - should UserSpice be in it's own database, or a part of your project database?

Also, should the UserSpice files be in the same root as the project, or can it be setup as a separate folder/website? (Not sure if I'm being clear on that)

I'm really looking forward to experimenting with UserSpice.  Looks like a great interface!


RE: Best Practice Info - Brandin - 07-16-2019

Hi Scott!

Thanks for your post. While there is no particular thread going over best practices (thanks for the idea though!) as you search things on the forums and in our Discord, you will find answers to a lot of the questions you might have. Files related to UserSpice should always be below z_us_root.php. You can set it up in root or elsewhere, its truly up to you. You can use as little or as much of UserSpice as you like. I've linked two videos for you below which should help you out. Ultimately, your implementation is up to what your needs and desires are for your project. You can setup UserSpice in its own database and connect to multiple DBs using the DB class (one of the many great features of UserSpice!)