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Names database-tables - - 09-13-2017


I have an idea for an improvement of userspice. First of all: I really like userspice!!!

But I think it might be even better if you could change the names of the tables in the database. Is it maybe possible to give all of them a prefix like "us_". That would make it easier if you need to search for your own tables in phpmyadmin and sort them by table-names. I know this might be a lot of work as you probably use these table-names a lot in your php codes but I think it would make work a bit easier when you are using own tables.

Thanks in advance and again: thanks for userspice!!

Names database-tables - Brandin - 09-13-2017

I know a lot of softwares support this functionality - issue with doing it now is we would end up having to recode all of the base US files - and it would break upgrades.

@Mudmin - thoughts?

Names database-tables - mudmin - 09-13-2017

I definitely regret getting rid of it. I thought of a graceful way to re-implementing it where basically the prefix is set to null for upgraders and new users can set the prefix during install. It's not out of the question to add it would just be a major change.

Names database-tables - - 09-14-2017

I already thought it might be very taff to realise this but it was just an idea. I solved it "the over way round" all my tables have a prefix now. So all of them are underneath each other now. But I think as soon as projects become very large with lots of tables (not just 7 like in my case) it might be easier that way. Nevertheless thank you!