UserCake is dead. The project that started this all has been closed down.  UserSpice started as a fork of UserCake and a way to bring UserCake into the future.  I feel like we are accomplishing our goal, but there are a lot of UserCake users that I would like to see with a clear upgrade path to the future.  Adam Davis, the creator of UserCake wants $400 for the domain and intellectual property (after a hard-fought negotiation).  I spend a good bit of time and money on UserSpice (considering it’s free) and we’ve had nearly a MILLION downloads to this point. I’d like to see if the community wants to step up and help with the purchase price.  In return, I’ll create a patch to help get people from UserCake 2.0.2 all the way to 4.2.x including dealing with things like the change in password encryption.  If we don’t raise enough money to complete the goal by July 1, I will contact each of the donors and offer them their money back.

  • American Express
  • I'm truly humbled that you would give towards this project. Thanks so much for your support.