Customizing UserSpice
October 7, 2019
Installing and Creating Templates
October 7, 2019

Spice Shaker

This page is part of our UserSpice Customization Guide.

Spice Shaker is the preferred way to install official and curated community developed add-ons to your UserSpice project.


Spice Shaker requires a free API key.  Register for a free account at and get your API Key from your account page.  Paste this API key in Spice Shaker on the dashboard and refresh the page. In addition to Spice Shaker, it will also allow you to fill out bug reports from your dashboard and even use our built in Auto Updater (New in UserSpice 5.0.4).   One key can be used in all your UserSpice installs and did we mention…it's free?

What it does

Spice shaker installs and updates.

Language Packs – Download additional front end translations for UserSpice

Widgets – UserSpice Dashboard Addons

Plugins – Add additional features such as Social Logins, Form Builders, and Credit Card processing to your UserSpice.

Templates – Change the look and feel of UserSpice with one click.


Addons that are already installed can be updated by searching for them and clicking the update button.

Spice Shaker Problems

Having problems? Check out our guide to Spice Shaker Problems.