Welcome to the UserSpice 4 Beta! UserSpice 4 was a huge challenge. It was a complete rewrite from the ground up. I think it's going to serve as a great platform for both future UserSpice development and for your projects as well. I think it hits the mark in the whole "getting out of the way" department as there is literally only one file in your root, and you are free to delete that.

Right now, the goal was basically to be feature equivalent to UserSpice 3, and from the look and feel, it pretty much is. There is so much more going on under the hood, however. If you haven't seen the documentation and walkthroughs in the menu, I really encourage you to check them out. As always, you can take or leave our classes, but there is a lot of functionality that is built in and there are a lot of examples on how to use them, so you're encouraged to give them a shot. Without further ado, I give you…UserSpice 4 beta.

Beta 3 Notes

Even if you installed Beta 1, it is highly recommended that you install Beta 3 to a new database (or drop all the tables of your old one if you don't need them). There are major changes to the database with this release and it will not work if you simply try to overwrite them.

Beta 3 New Features

Beta 3 contains some bug fixes and additions to the Admin Panel. You can now see who has logged in over a given period of time and even have the ability to track non-users who visit your site. The installation is a tiny bit cleaner and if you have errors, you are pointed to the UserSpice walkthrough which contains some great info on troubleshooting the install.  Finally, there is a new profile system that is not meant to be complete, but to be a starting point for you to build something in that direction should you desire to do so.   The default CSS has been cleaned up as well and is not yet minified so you can make changes easily.  Check out more about the profile system here.   I also forgot, I added a search/filter feature that lets you filter through long lists of pages/users/etc.

A Note About Upgrading

As US4 becomes more stable, I know many of you are interested in actually BUILDING something using this system.  In the forums over the next week, we're going to start talking about how you will upgrade in the future.  All new releases (and some of the old ones) will be pushed to github so you can see WHAT is changed before you actually upgrade.  This will allow you to cut/paste code changes as opposed to simply overwriting files.  There will also be some files/database tables and rows that I will do everything I can not to touch unless I absolutely have to.  The idea will be that I will be able to offer a stripped down upgrade package that will not overwrite your important files.  In the ideal world, I would suggest that if you want to make changes to the main files in the /users folder that you rename the files so your changes do not get overwritten by upgrades. We'll talk more about that, but I just wanted you to know that it's on the agenda.

Beta 3 Known Issues

The join form is not validating input.  In other words, you could write UserSpice for the email address and it would pass. The join form is very complicated due to the planned stripe upgrades and all the conditional logic that goes on, so I need to work out those kinks. The form works…it just doesn't validate.  Feel free to offer any bug fixes in the forums.


I really hoped this would be a final release, but I don't want to consider it final with the broken validation. Feel free to use it though, as the main difference between this and final will be css and working join validation.


I broke the ability to add new permission levels when I added the search bar.  Rather than package up a new download (which is a ton more difficult than it sounds), I'm offering this patch to replace your /users/views/userspice/_admin_permissions.php file.

Download UserSpice 4.0.0 OFFICIAL!

UserSpice 4.0.0 Released 2/15/16

NEW – CSS Pack Released for UserSpice 4 – 2/14/16

You may also want this patch – Released 2/12/16

Released 2/11/2016

Download UserSpice 4.0 – Beta 1

Released 2/2/2016

Simply unzip and navigate to the folder and you will be redirected to the install routine.

Default Credentials

username: admin
password: password

Standard User

username: user
password: password

(obviously change these before going to production)