Download UserSpice 5 Here!

What's gone?

UserSpice 5 is just as much about what is NOT there as what is there. Over the years the project has grown both in downloads and size more than we ever dreamed.  In an effort to simplify things, we stripped out a ton of legacy code while preserving backwards compatibility wherever possible.  It was no small feat.  Many rarely used core features (such as messaging and notifications ) were stripped from the core and turned into plugins.

This serves 3 purposes.  It means that users don't have to download code they don't need. It also means that these systems can be forked so you can expand them and customize them (and even share them back to the community). We hope this decision will continue to foster community involvement and innovation. Finally, less code simply means less room for bugs.

The download has been reduced from 5.11 MB to 1.4.  It's incredible.  Speed has also increased as we have pounded the mantra, "don't load it unless you're using it!"  Of course, we walked the line to do this in a way that would preserve backwards compatibility wherever possible.

What's new?

  1. A new default template called "Standard" based on Bootstrap 4. Of course, you can use your old Bootstrap 3 templates, but there is no BS3 included in UserSpice by default.
  2. New robust API.  With a free API key from here, you can submit bug reports and download new widgets, plugins, templates, and front end languages right from the UserSpice dashboard.
  3. New API Builder. Available as a plugin (but included automatically in the early releases) is the new API Builder that allows you to write custom authenticated APIs to connect your UserSpice to apps, IOT devices, and other servers.
  4. Speed. UserSpice was never slow, but less code loading means faster load times.


What's about upgrades?

There will be a US 4 to 5 upgrade.  If you didn't modify anything in the users folder, you can basically delete everything except for init.php from the users folder and then dump the US5 users folder in there.  More information to follow.