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January 31, 2016
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February 9, 2016

Adding a gravatar to your pages

A gravatar is a universal avatar/profile picture that you don't have to manage.  We've included a cool function that does the work for you. Here's how to implement it on your pages.  We will get more in depth with it in the future, but these are the basics.

To change the size…

In users/helpers/us_helpers.php you will see the get_gravatar function near the top.  Just change the $s = to the number of pixels you want the square gravatar to be.

To implement it on a page create a variable that calls the user's email address…

$grav = get_gravatar(strtolower(trim($user->data()->email)));

Then, wherever you want the user's gravatar to show up, just call it like any other php echoed image….

<img decoding="async" src="<?=$grav; ?>" alt="">