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add menu item: go to page... unless I'm already on that page
(11-20-2018, 11:57 PM)peterchen Wrote: The link should take you to a page with a map (leaflet), and ping the current location, or just ping the current location when already on that page.

So roughly  

if (already on landing page)
   // will run locate() in e.g. onload

Where locate is to center map on current location and draw a temporary circle,

function locate()
   map.locate({setView: true, maxZoom: 16});
   // triggers more stuff in onLocationFound if location sharing is enabled


as for workarounds, is it possible to have two identical looking links, one that's visible on the app page and just calls the locate() function, the other visible on all other pages and linking to the app page normally?

Maybe just allow to give the menu items an id='...', so I can show/hide them dynamically

I'm wondering if instead of an id if you can put a unique class on each one in the "icon" class section of the menu builder. I'm out of town at the moment so I'm not able to do a lot of testing, but with jquery you should be able to either target that class or something like a.nearest to target the closest link to that unique class.

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