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Question Jquery url validation / Allow only specific urls
Posted by: Vtins - 02-19-2019, 10:25 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.3 and Below - Replies (5)

how can i allow only links from specific urls?


so user can only add youtube video urls ? Huh

jquery validation plugin have the rule "url"
but thats not what i need..

any ideas for me ?

  Few questions about 4.4, maybe issues?
Posted by: gaiusjaugustus - 02-17-2019, 06:06 AM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (3)

I finally upgraded from 4.2.10 to 4.4. Wow, things are so beautiful and sparkly!

I have a few concerns, and at this point can't tell if I did something wrong or what.

  1. I noticed that I should be able to edit the navigation menu. However, when I add an entry to the menu, it's nowhere to be found. I did make sure that I should be able to see it when I'm logged in.
  2. On the Homepage as well as the messages page and the My Account, there's still the old theming. Is that supposed to be that way? The dropdowns for the Settings menu doesn't work on that page (or the messages page).
  3. Any tutorials yet for building our own plugin?  I see the demo, but not sure where to start?  I'm having to rewrite a lot of my custom functionality to upgrade to PHP 7 and the thought of building a plugin is enticing.
Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks for all the hard work everyone put into making US awesome!

  Migration from 2.10 to 4.3.26
Posted by: gaiusjaugustus - 02-17-2019, 12:56 AM - Forum: UserSpice 3 - Replies (4)

Wow, it's been a while. So I'm upgrading my US website to prepare for the transition from PHP 5.6 to 7.2, and upgraded US from 4.2.10 up to 4.3.26.

I updated one at a time to 4.2.12, then jumped to 4.3.12. From there I added updates one at a time up to 4.3.26, but did not upload these updates until I was at the end (dumb, I know). Then uploaded the updates and ran the database updater.

Now, on the admin page, I'm getting a warning:

Warning! Your database is out of date. Please click here to get the latest update. Failure to do so, could cause system instability.

I clicked it and it did several updates, but the warning will not disappear. If I click it again, it does 0 updates and the message stays.  Worried I need to start over.....thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

  DB Delete
Posted by: rob@selectech.us - 02-16-2019, 11:09 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (1)

I am attempting to delete a record from the database using the function delete.

I have the ID of the record, but when it runs, I get the following error:

ERROR: No array in actID=EDL006

The delete function is simply: delete($table, $where)

Which is what I am passing to it, but I get the error above.

Any suggestions? Am I am passing the wrong information?

Thanks for any assistance.


  DB Update - Not working (that's the way it seems)
Posted by: rob@selectech.us - 02-14-2019, 01:58 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (7)

I am new to UserSpice, and I have recently started working with another group on a project that has been developed using UserSpice.

There is an issue we have encountered where an entry can be edited but when performing the DB Update, the record is not updated.

I'm still learning the framework and I can see the DB.php file and the functions, and it seems to me the db->update should work but I'm not sure why it does not.

From the following can anyone glean why it would not update?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

<?php require_once '../users/init.php'; ?>
<?php require_once $abs_us_root.$us_url_root.'users/includes/header.php'; ?>
<?php require_once $abs_us_root.$us_url_root.'users/includes/navigation.php'; ?>

<?php if (!securePage($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])){die();} ?>
$validation = new Validate();
//PHP Goes Here!
$errors = [];
$successes = [];
$rtuId = Input::get('id');

//Check if selected user exists
  Redirect::to("company_admin_rtus.php"); die();
$rtudetails = fetchRTUDetails(NULL, NULL, $rtuId); //Fetch rtu details

$str = $rtudetails->org_id;
$str .= $rtudetails->rtu_id;

//Forms posted
if(!empty($_POST)) {
    $token = $_POST['csrf'];
      die('Token doesn\'t match!');
    }else {

      //set changed bit in database

              'configChange' => 1,

    //Update rtu name

    if ($rtudetails->rtu_name != $_POST['rtu_name']){
      $rtu_name = Input::get("rtu_name");
        'rtu_name' => array(
          'display' => 'rtu_name',
          'required' => true,
          'min' => 1,
          'max' => 50
      $db->update('rtu_act', $rtuId, $fields);
      $successes[] = "RTU Name Updated";
          ?><div id="form-errors">

  Can't login as admin after installation finished!
Posted by: FalconSeeker - 02-13-2019, 11:57 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (1)

I already tried reinstalling and it says I have all system requirements. I am using this on 000webhosting.com

After installing userpice 4.4, whenever I try logging in

it says If this continues to happen, please contact the administrator. Whenever I try to register an account it says the same thing as well.

This only happens when using chrome

  Error 500 after hitting the Cleanup button at the end of the installation
Posted by: morha13 - 02-09-2019, 09:52 AM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (7)

I've been trying to install Userspice 4.4 a few times and I'm getting the same problem over and over again.
What I did:
1. Changed permissions of the init.php file to 666.
2. Made sure all system requirements match. (The only thing on the main page that isn't matched is the Display Errors value in the php.ini)
3. Set my timezone, filled all database details
4. Pressed on Try these settings. Then there were no errors, and it said the connection was successful and I hit the button appeared to move on (Also I looked in the database and it created 35 tables, so it seems the connection was fine).
5. Then in step 3 I hit the clean up button, and it redirected me to update.php?installer=1, which showed http error 500, without any extra info.

Then I tried to go to index.php of the website but it led me back to the installation folder. So I tried manually removing it, but still, nothing works there's a 500 error on index.php.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

  Only Allow Whitelisted IP's ?
Posted by: truemama - 02-07-2019, 04:37 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (1)

Hey Guys,

I see that it's possible to black list and white list IPs.

Is it possible to only allow whitelisted IPs to login...i.e. lock the whole system down apart from whitelisted IP's?



  Open bootstrap modal over the navbar
Posted by: Duke - 02-06-2019, 09:44 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (1)


im currently trying to add an item to the navbar that opens a modal on the home tab.
The problem is that the navbar.php doesn't change anything after editing since its prob overwritten by the menu.
Also I tried it with a small Javascript but that ended with a refreshing loop since i had to refresh the page to open the modal.
Is there any way to make that work?


Thumbs Down Problems with runme.php
Posted by: grumpy-gnome - 02-04-2019, 01:24 PM - Forum: UserSpice 4.4 - Replies (6)

Tried to run the update pack from us 4.3.26 to 4.4.01. The runme script gave me two database errors (see attachment)     .

Error 1: helpers.php:288 "Table us_announcements already exists"
Error 2: helpers:288 "Multiple primary key defined"

I logged on OK, but as soon as I tried to access a secured page, I received a PHP error (second attachment)     .

I'm reverting back to 4.3.26 - thank goodness for a backup Smile

The third attachment is the US dashboard page prior to trying the upgrade.    

This instance of US is running on a WAMP environment. Windows 10. PHP 7.1.9. Mysql 5.7.19.

Thanks in anticipation for ideas!