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Session issue? What I should to check?

I have a question for You. I try to create software with UserSpice. All works really well (perrmissions, notifications etc.), but sessions managment dosen't work well.

For more, log in, logout works ok. User identifaction also but as a admin i dosen't see users sessions in

User also can't see own sessions in

For more counter in account.php file displays: Number of Active Sessions: 0 but why? I am fully logged in, permissions works well.

What i should to check to fix that problem?

For more where i can find timeout off session (time of inctavity when user is automaticly loggout)


PS. For more i started from 4.4.01 wersion, then i upgrade to 4.4.02 and today i upgrade to 4.4.03 and still the same.

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Session issue? What I should to check? - by emios - 03-03-2019, 09:34 AM

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