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Duplicated files in /usersc are not taken
Sorry for the slow response. I'm on vacation, so I don't have great internet. The usersc thing is not universal. To change the logo you can do one of 2 things. You can either form the theme by going into usersc/templates and copying a theme like bs4 to a new folder called yourtheme and then you can edit away. Since the theme points to users/images/logo.png, you can just change where that link goes in the template.

The other option is to just overwrite logo.png in users. It's rare that we tell you to overwrite something in users, but that has been where the logo is stored since version 2.x, so we haven't changed it for compatibility reasons.

Regarding usersc/ that encompasses several things...
1. You can copy any of the "main" php files that are located in users/ to usersc/ with the same file name and your page will load instead of ours. You can edit away without fear that updates will overwrite your code.
2. usersc/scripts includes a place for custom scripts where you can put your own code to run at certain instances. Like there is a script in there where you could run some code when a user logs out or when they're created etc.
3. usersc/includes has a bunch of files that are more like "shims" . It's a way to inject your code into our files without actually having to maintain your own duplicate file in usersc. Most of those have relatively clear file names and a little documentation at the top.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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