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redirect loop on login

I have copied the contents of users to usersc directory and I'm working in there. Since that I can't login with not admin users, I get a loop between index.php and account.php, as long as cookies are set, that means I can't go back to the login screen before I delete the cookies. I have done some screenshots.

[Image: 2018-03-28_123757.png]

[Image: 2018-03-28_123851.png]

[Image: 2018-03-28_123905.png]

This is the working query:
[Image: well.png]

login.php is either:
-not in your DB
-in your DB as private

You need to run this query:
SELECT * FROM pages WHERE page = 'usersc/login.php'

If there is a result, run this:
UPDATE pages SET private=0 WHERE page = 'usersc/login.php'

If there is no result run this:
INSERT INTO pages VALUES (NULL,'usersc/login.php',0,'Login',0,NOW(),NULL

So you're aware of what is happening:
usersc/login.php doesn't exist or exists and is private so it's pushing you to users/account.php
users/account.php is set to private and you aren't logged in, so it's redirecting you to users/login.php which in turn redirects you to usersc/login.php but then puts you in an endless loop.
that worked, thanks.

I have the exact same problem again, but this time login.php and account.php private values are set to 0 and they exist in the DB and as file.
The loop is like this:
login.php ->302
account.php ->302
account.php ->302
index.php ->302
account.php ->302
account.php ->302

what else can be the problem?

I have solved it. The account.php was set to private(regardless of what I said), my mistake.

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