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Registrtion Email Link Timeout
Hi everyone,

Does the link in the registration email have a valid time period? I am getting intermittent problems, especially with users that find the email in their junk folder the next day.

Thanks in advance,

24 hours, you can increase it by modifying join.php changing the vericode_expiry to from + 24 hours to whatever you want. You can't disable it for safety reasons.
Thanks for your quick, helpful reply Brandin. I think I will just modify the text that appears in joinThankYou.php to let them know about the expiry time and to also check their junk mail.

Can you make a request at userspice.com/bugs to make that change to joinThankYou? I never even thought about that. We should also do it on the forgot password page as well.
Done! Smile

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