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MVC structure
Hi ! I know is an old topic, but after read all of them during the past three years or so I'm pretty sure it won't be easy at all, but I really need to follow some guidelines in my project and follow MVC way is one of them.
I'm one month old with US and with no doubt is the best OpenSource usermanagement app ever. No complains at all.
@Brandin or @mudmin could maybe give me a hand with some(a bit) explanation or something similar to start to understand how can I manage that ???? I know is a big challenge and I've no time, just one more month or so.
At least, general idea about how you would do that.... please.
Thanks a lot !

PS: Do not tell me to choose another app. I've checked all of them (UAP, FROSTING, etc) and not for me.

Hi Alex,

I do not know enough about the MVC Model to advise you. I'll loop @mudmin in and also do some research myself.


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