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Allow to login with user id
Hi I remember in previous versions you could login with your user id (it's a lot easier to type in 1 than an email)
I am wondering how it would be able to implement this back into my site
Busy Tech
Common sense is not common
@Busy Tech,

We removed this ability as it broke usernames that started with or were entire numbers. It detected these as "is_numeric" usernames and then tried to do a User ID login. Now on the vice-versa, you don't "have" to use an email, you can login with the usernames-which are probably shorter than an email address. On the flip side, you can put it back in, but UserSpice will not support it again-just as most frameworks do not. You would need to compare the code from the version prior to that, to the version that corrected that. Check the updates page.


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