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Open page without login
I need to open product detail page of PROJECT A from PROJECT B.
I added link in PROJECT B product list page.
The issue is PROJECT A open login page when it redirects to detail page of PROJECT A.

Can anyone help me to open product detail page without login?
You have two options:
-Make the Product A product detail page public
-Syncronize your User Tables between the two projects and build system that will authenticate the user without them actually logging in. You could:
/ Duplicate your DB class and write to the other DB with a random hash
/ Include this hash in the URL with some form of encryption that you can decrypt on the other side-but only your server knows what level of encryption you used
/ If !$user->isLoggedIn() get the hash from the URL, decode & decrypt it, check the hash against the DB to see what user you need to login as, add their ID to the Sesssion, and refresh the page with just the ID.

Good luck,

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