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install upgrade 4.3.21 with problems
Hi all! I was trying to upgrade from 4.3.17 and there's something I may be doing wrong because is not working at all.
Someone could tell me the right way to do it? like just drag&drop or what? It's really confusing, at least for me, understand at first.

the today's version seems we must 'run' update.php but how do that ?

I'll appreciate any suggestion. thx
[solved] my fault. I thought I could just update going through the last version and now I know I've to go step by step, one version by one version until reach the chosen one.

Idea! wouldn't be easier to build something like git system to merge the new files against our local files ?
and whoever with zero knowledge could do that. Just say

You can drag and drop-but you must do all the versions to make sure you don't miss any files. So although its not as painful as before, you still need all of the ZIPs extracted in order over your install. And then you just run update.php and all will be fine.

I personally use a git system to merge my files, but not everyone is setup for a method like that. I use mine in a different manner though, extract to remove/add changes I require, and be aware of what was modified in a deeper level (even though I make the modifications haha).

We however as a company won't support that as a upgrade method at this time.

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