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Suggestion: impersonate a user
Hi all,

As an admin of US, how can I impersonate another user for troubleshooting problem?

It will be helpful to add this feature in future releases.

Thanks for this great tool.
This is called Cloaking. It is built into the latest versions of UserSpice. To cloak:
-Go to the user you wish to grant cloaking permissions to (usually yourself) and change the Is Allowed to Cloak dropdown to Yes in Misc Settings. Then visit the user you wish to cloak via admin_users.php and select Misc Settings, check Cloak This User and press Update.

There are a few things to note:
-You cannot cloak INTO UID 1
-You cannot cloak INTO the master account array if you are not in it
-You cannot cloak yourself
-You cannot cloak if cloak_enabled=0;

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