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reset password
Hi everyone!
Today I've noticed that when Admin reset an user password checking to send him/her a mail to notify that, the link from that mail is always throwing the message 'Oops...something went wrong, maybe an old reset link you clicked on. Click below to try again' and even when user after that reset manually and send again mail it happens the same.

Maybe it happens because I'm under mamp localhost ?

Any idea what it is about?

Generally this will be one of two things:
-bad vericode being sent
-expired link

Reset links are only valid for 15 minutes. After you request one, check the Users table for both the vericode and vericode_expiry, and compare that to the email. If the vericode matches in the URL, great, and if it is before the expiry timestamp, great, click it. If you then get an error, we'll need to look into it further.


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