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how to add variables to database with your form manager or php file?
I wanted to add user_ID next to the input he submits with a form created by your form manager

so I know which user entered that input and i can show him things accordingly.

I tried this
$response = preProcessForm();
if($response['form_valid'] == true){
//do something here after the form has been validated
$response = postProcessForm($response)
from here:


But i am getting errors.

Also tried this:

PHP Code:
$my_user_id $user->data()->id;
$db->insert("tablemain", ["userid"=>$columnmy_user_id]);
//do something here after the form has been validated} 

but this only inserts, and I wanted to modify the added row to add user id to it. The update feature from documentation needs me to specify row but I cant know what row is that.

How can one achieve adding user id variable to the row that user submitted to database? Thanks!

<h1> nvm solved!</h1>

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