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Trying to access userspice init,header,nav php files from outside of userspice dir
I had nice time with php really learned a lot working with userspice and userspice docs, if i had no userspice it would be probably much harder for me to get these fundamentals of php which I have now.

I have basically finished my project BUT I cant merge it with wordpress the way I want. all I am trying to do is to
- create wordpress pages
- open these pages and put there php file that would include init,header,nav and some of my other files but basically these are most important so i have access to:
           - userspice database
           - default userspice variables
             (all from WP)

I tried:
- installing userspice IN wordpress folder, that didnt work i couldnt access userspice php files from wordpress pages.

- installing wordpress IN Userspice folder - also didnt work, i even set all wp pages to public but still cant access userspice php code from wp pages

[Image: oV1nINu.png]
- messing with that file but i cant add full paths there, only folders inside userspice folder. I added wordpress folder there (which was inside userspice hoping it will work) but it didnt go

What I am missing? I assume its because of your extra security - its nice to be secure, but I dont know what can I do about it.
Unfortunately I'd have to say your WordPress installation would require some heavy modification to be linked with UserSpice. This is not an integration we have worked with or supported. UserSpice is meant to be standalone for the most part. You would be able to use some form of library to connect your UserSpice install TO your WordPress but I can't suggest we'd be able to support the reverse which is what you're looking for.


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