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Running UserSpice on PHP 5.3
Hello there!

I've upgraded a project I first built one and a half years ago using UserSpice. The original one worked just fine on my company's website, but once I asked them to make a new installation of UserSpice so I could run the updated version, they told me it won't run because the latest version of UserSpice requires the server to have PHP 7.2 installed, and the PHP they are using is still PHP 5.3 . After a lot of back and forth, the IT department decided they COULDN'T upgrade the PHP they're using on the server.

So I have to make it work with PHP 5.3 . I can't find anywhere on UserSpice a library of previous versions so I can use one that works with PHP 5.3 . Are they available somewhere? Can you guys tell me which is the latest version that will work with PHP 5.3 ?

Thank you very much


Sorry for the delayed reply. Its been busy lately! I do not recall any version requiring 7.2 installed. If I remember correctly, the minimum is 5.6 and that is by standard given the current PHP supported versions.


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