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New to vps
I recently got a unmanned VHS for really cheap stats are

4 core
6gb memory
30gb ssd storage
2 tb traffic

For 7.00 a month. This is unmanned with root access.
Available os

Centos 7 64 bit
Debian 8 64 bit
Fedora 22 64bit
Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit

What should I do first? Install some sort of cpaneal?
Not unless you are planning to sell hosting or other services. 30gb suggests not Smile

SSH to your VPS and run:


and choose the LAMP server option to install the full stack.

If it isn't already included, install phpMyAdmin: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Now you can install UserSpice in the html root (/var/www/html[?]) or go on to create name based virtual hosts for a multi-domain system. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/...figuration

And I'm guessing you mean VPS rather than VHS - old school!

Shout up for help with ssh, command line stuff and LAMP configurations. Have a glance at Node.js too Smile
Thank you i will read up on those links. Beleive it or not i still have 100s of vhs tapes and 2 players, lol too funny..
what do you use to unzip files on the server?
I have not had any luck getting my vm of ubuntu to work in general much less install xampp on it.

Most hosts like hostgator have a cpanel that has a file manager that lets you unzip. If yours doesn't, you have to unzip locally and ftp the files over to the server. It takes a few mins that way, but it isn't bad.
Oh...sorry...I didn't see astropos was helping you. He knows what he's doing...I'll leave that alone.
Iam willing to pay someone to setup my vps correctly
ok makeing progress, only thing now is mysqli support unavailable, how do i enable that on ubuntu 15.04
@Astropos is your man there. I actually think you can get by without mysqli support on 4.x though if the PDO seems to be working. Did that test come back ok?
i believe i have got it going i will report back

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