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An eCommerce project
As we're off-topic can I have a go please?

I'm almost ready to release my eCommerce order management suite to the community. It's not UserCake or UserSpice so a bit OT - we're all friends here right?

It's rather long in the tooth and was never built to withstand security 'attacks' so it's best suited to a local (LAN) installation.

Anyway, multi user browser based order management gets your orders from PayPal(eBay) and Amazon as well as accepting manually entered orders. It formats and generates delivery paperwork for integrated labels. If you use it on a *nix host with attached printer, it will print directly. For Windows, XAMPP works fine though you have to generate PDFs for printing rather than enjoying the direct printing.

Demo is here: https://intrabuild.co.uk

Anyone want to get the pre-release (some final tidying to do) and help me write some rudimentary instructions?


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