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Only a tiny fraction of people who download UserSpice create an account and a tiny percentage of those who do, actually post in the forums. I like to think that this is because the documentation, walkthroughs, and forums are so good that people immediately get an answer to their questions and have no reason to post!

Well, we'd love for you to at least say hi and maybe tell a little bit about how you came across UserSpice and what you were hoping to do with it.
Hey! Thanks for posting! I stumbled across the predecessor of UserSpice, UserCake because I was a noob programmer and I couldn't wrap my mind around how to allow people to visit some pages and not others. And then I was hooked!

What do you use it for?

We also have a Discord channel where people chat in real time. It's been a little quiet lately too, but when we release 4.4 I'm sure it will get popping again.

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