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Thank you Brandin

 there is no securePage function in users/helpers/us_helper but it exists in permissions.php
if (checkPermission($pagePermissions)){
                return true;
            }elseif  (in_array($user->data()->id, $master_account)){ //Grant access if master user
                return true;
            }else {

                if (!$homepage = Config::get('homepage'))
                $homepage = 'index.php';
                $fields = array(
                    'user'    => $user->data()->id,
                    'page'    => $pageID,
                    'ip'        => $ip,
                require_once $abs_us_root.$us_url_root.'usersc/scripts/did_not_have_permission.php';
                return false;
I've found that in my case Config::get('homepage') has bool(false) value (I thought it must be the page address) so the variable $homepage gets value string(9) "index.php" and then script tries to redirect to index.php in the same folder - so to the same page to which the user does not have access and we get a loop.
Is this logic correct?

Now I've solved the problem by adding my own correct redirect in did_not_have_permission.php 
But I think something is wrong with the script.

And what about the fingerprint error?
any updates?

I am sorry for the delay, I have been incredibly busy. Your logic is correct, and this would be the issue that is occurring. The fingerprint error was in the console, correct?

Thank you,
Yes in the console.
So this is due to an Adblocker and sometimes certain Chrome Extensions. Our new update was supposed to fix this but I will have to review again.

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