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Migration from 2.10 to 4.3.26
Wow, it's been a while. So I'm upgrading my US website to prepare for the transition from PHP 5.6 to 7.2, and upgraded US from 4.2.10 up to 4.3.26.

I updated one at a time to 4.2.12, then jumped to 4.3.12. From there I added updates one at a time up to 4.3.26, but did not upload these updates until I was at the end (dumb, I know). Then uploaded the updates and ran the database updater.

Now, on the admin page, I'm getting a warning:

Warning! Your database is out of date. Please click here to get the latest update. Failure to do so, could cause system instability.

I clicked it and it did several updates, but the warning will not disappear. If I click it again, it does 0 updates and the message stays.  Worried I need to start over.....thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
You more than likely are missing some database updates that were cleared out (or missed). Compare the list of updates in users/includes/migrations.php (I think is where the file is) to what is in the updates table. Whatever is missing you need. Let me know and I can figure out where you went wrong.

Thank you,
Thanks for the help and quick reply. I appreciate it.

In migrations.php and NOT in updates table: uNT7NpgcBDFD

In updates table and NOT in migrations.php: mS5VtQCZjyJs, zL1gbKG14YTL
You can override uNT7NpgcBDFD by appending ?override=uNT7NpgcBDFD to the update.php URL. This was an update to resolve a bug that was logging users out, but is patched in 4.4 (and possibly 4.3.26).
Perfect. That fixed it. Thank you!

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