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Few questions about 4.4, maybe issues?
I finally upgraded from 4.2.10 to 4.4. Wow, things are so beautiful and sparkly!

I have a few concerns, and at this point can't tell if I did something wrong or what.

  1. I noticed that I should be able to edit the navigation menu. However, when I add an entry to the menu, it's nowhere to be found. I did make sure that I should be able to see it when I'm logged in.
  2. On the Homepage as well as the messages page and the My Account, there's still the old theming. Is that supposed to be that way? The dropdowns for the Settings menu doesn't work on that page (or the messages page).
  3. Any tutorials yet for building our own plugin?  I see the demo, but not sure where to start?  I'm having to rewrite a lot of my custom functionality to upgrade to PHP 7 and the thought of building a plugin is enticing.
Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks for all the hard work everyone put into making US awesome!
Glad you're liking it. We'll help get you through the rest of it.

Regarding the plugins, I'm just now writing the functionality to provide a place for people to list ad share plugins, so I haven't gotten that part down yet. If you're interested in just taking a crack at it, I say just copy the demo plugin to another one word folder and editing away. Even copying a plugin that has similar functionality to what you want would work. The GDPR plugin is kind of a nice starting point also.

It's actually pretty straightforward. There is an ini file that gives details about your plugin. There is a place to make a file for the options.

Regarding the menu. New menu items appear at the bottom, which is annoying. The second question (which is probably more likely it ) is on the control panel do you have menus set to db nav or file nav? I'm guessing you're set to use file based navigation.
Ah! I see the db nav now. Once I switched that, my menu showed up! Great! It doesn't show up in the Dashboard-style pages, only the top menu-style pages.

I'm looking forward to seeing more about the plugins. I created a webcomic backend that I'd love to share someday.

Still having the issue that the Settings dropdown doesn't work on many of the top menu-style pages. It only works on the User Profile page. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much.
Regarding the menu stuff, I'm wondering if more config needs to happen on those menu items because It should be up there. Maybe the is logged in or permission level etc?

Regarding the settings dropdown not working, can you right click that page and go to inspect and then console tab and tell me if there are any errors there other than about fingerprinting?
This version is really nice to work with, but I seem to be getting the dropdown error too. It seems to occur on any page that sits outside of the /users or /usersc folders. The ordinary hyperlinks work, just not the dropdown feature.
The screenshot shows the console readout.

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