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Some problems with the notification system
I`m currently running version 4.4.03 with PHP 5.6. I have some PHP script pages, made from the blank project pages that write and read to/from database. But when I turn on the notification system my scripts stopped working and I get an error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getUnreadCount() on null in /userspice/users/includes/page_footer.php on line 6

I tried different versions of PHP, but there is no effect. The notification system works, but everything on the project pages stops.

Is there a way I can fix it or this is something that will get fixed in the following versions?
Does this occur on page US pages or just your custom pages?
Only on some of my pages, but not on the US pages.
You more than likely need to replace your header/nav and footer calls on your custom pages. See users/account.php for example of the new header and footer calls.
This fixed the problem! Thanks!

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