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User Access Control Loevel/Logic -- page access

Another post!

I've only skimmed google/docs -- didn't yet see what I'm looking for.

Does UserSpice have any sort of built in user access control level/logic process built into it. I'm thinking of a parocess where users can be assigned a given access/permissions role, which then grants the user certain function/access.

If this isn't available, is it on the roadmap? Is there anything which could serve this function/purpose?

Yeah. That's the primary purpose of userspice. The only thing to understand is that the permissions are not necessarily "levels", but this ads a ton of flexibility. You can add as many permission "levels" as you want and you can assign them however you want to your users. Then every single UserSpice page that you make shows up in the database and you can decide what permission levels are allowed to access that page.

I hope that makes sense. If not, I can explain more.

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