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{ Missing Text } after update

I just updated from 4.4.04 to 4.4.09 using the Cumulative Update, and now it says in my usersc/login.php: { Missing Text } after the fa-fa-wrench (for "forgot password").

It should get its info from <?=lang("ACCOUNT_FORGOTPASS","");?> but somehow it doesn't.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Did you run users/update?
There are database updates that have to happen.
The other option is that your template is modified in a way that doesn't support the language features. If your template is barely modified I would steal all the navigation stuff from the template you originally forked..
Hi Mudmin, yes I did run the update.

I will check my template (which is pretty heavily modified) though, but I don't see how my template could affect the usersc/login.php as they do not seem connected.

What is odd though, I have the same website running on another domain (which i also updated to check if it works) and there it doesnt show the password reset function at all (no wrench or text).
And all the settings are the same.
Mudmin? Any ideas?
You could send me a copy of your template?
Sure, which part and how?
I found out what was causing this issue Mudmin.

In the usersc/login.php it said:  <?=lang("ACCOUNT_FORGOTPASS","");?>
And in the users/login.php it said: <?=lang("SIGNIN_FORGOTPASS","");?>

I changed the usersc and now the Forgot Password text is there again Smile
Awesome! Good to know.
I'm having a similar problem where lang() is not parsing the text in _email_adminPwReset.php

The weird thing is that it seems to work fine everywhere but on, and related to, the single user view of the admin dash board.

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