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MQTT with SSL Certificate
Hey guys, 

I have been tinkering around with MQTT and Userspice lately. Let me say first of all: Really great idea to add MQTT functionality as one of the first plugins! It works like a charm! Thank you guys! 

Now to my question: I have a raspi running the MQTT broker and can send messages through user spice. I have also added a username and password, so not everybody can send messages to my broker. But as far as I understand another level of security would be using a SSL certificate in order for username and password not to be broadcasted in cleartext over the network (I am using MQTT not only on my local network, but deployed the user spice site online using port forwarding to reach the broker...this part is already working). 

How do I user such Certificate and more importantly, does Userspice support that yet? If so, how? Any help would be much appreciated Smile

Thanks a lot guys! 

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