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Navigation labels show up like {{dashboard}}
I just update from 4.4.04 to 4.4.09 and then from 4.4.09 to 4.4.11 and now the navigation placeholders for labels don't get replaced. They show up with the inserted code like {{dashboard}}, {{users}}, etc. and look like that:

[Image: c430e959-4d9b-4b2c-a4f5-919e0f2430c5.png]

I did not make the adjustments to support the new template system as I customized the navigation, could it be because of that?
It means you don't have a language set. You might need to logout and log back in again.
I change the default language to es-ES, logged out, cleared cache and cookies and logged in again, but without success...
Did you run users/update.php
(05-17-2019, 10:03 AM)mudmin Wrote: Did you run users/update.php

Yes, update applied.
The only other thing I can think of is to reupload the update and make sure it overwrites the existing files. Every once in a while it doesn't and you don't actually get the update on files you already have on the server. Then if you're on linux, also make sure the files have the right "owner"

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