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Question about Recaptcha
I just re-installed us from scratch.
I wanted to start with the recaptcha part, after successful installation.
I changed my admin password.
That is all I did, so far.

When going to settings->general and look at the Invisible Recaptcha section, I am presented with two fields:
Invisible Recaptcha Public (Site) Key (with an yey icon to show the same), and
Invisible Recaptcha Private (Secret) Key...
When I hover over the eye icon on the Public Key, it shows my password.

Is this normal?

I will try and put the correct key and see if it changes, but I found it weird and I thought of notifying the forum about it.

After I updated both keys, taken from the admin section of /www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/site...

I got a message saying "ERROR for site owner: invalid site key"

Thanks for any hint.


This would be because your browser is autofilling the Recpatcha field with your password.

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