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Css Styles
I'm trying to get a handle of CSS so I was wondering if you any one could explain where the:

<p><a class=<strong>"btn btn-primary "</strong> href="profile.php?id=<?=$get_info_id;?>" role="button">Public Profile</a></p>

the "btn btn-primary"

is define.

Also when I look at the color scheme they seem to refer to a font file:

@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=News+Cycle:400,700);/*!

does this font file define the colors of buttons?

I was hoping to making some custom buttons or even just get a better idea of how CSS works. As always any help is appreciated!
We do use google fonts, the "standard" sb-admin css files (which is a template) and "standard" bootstrap css. It's a little overhwelming, especially when you're looking at it minified. Here is a little guide...


You can also download the unminified css here, which is a little bit more readable.


Right now, since I went through and found the html colors in the css, you can pretty much find and replace to make your own themes.
Thread name seems ok for my question.

Is there any easy way to remove sb-admin.css from all pages instead admin dashboard, since sb-admin.css is changing some bootstrap definitions that are good?
Yep. No problem.

Go to the gear and admin dashboard. On the right side in the css, set the second one from sb_admin.css to blank.css and you will be good to go!
Oh, I could figure that out by myself ? Now I feel stupid ?

Thank you!
It's not obvious. I've been wanting a redo of userspice css for a while now. I just need someone who has a better aesthetic sense than I do.

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