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Cannot Register after upgrade
I have upgraded to 4.4.14 from 4.4.12
I have invisible reCAPTCHA enabled
I have enable reCAPTCHA only on registration.
When a new user registers, the page does not seem to submit
The Password check rules works ensuring correct strength
The invisible reCAPTCHA verifies okay on the page with Google.
The test user email address is valid
If I disable reCAPTCHA on Join, users can register.
How can I test further to see what the issue is ?
Is anyone else experiencing this ?
I haven't seen that. I will check if anything was changed in that area at all.
This is a list of all the changes https://github.com/mudmin/UserSpice4/com...a342e7133f
The only thing I see changed is a few divs in join. Did you get it working?

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