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Issue changing admin menu in usersc
I'm trying to find a way to change the admin menu without directly changing the "core" file in users directory.  The file in question is:


I've tried copying it to "usersc/ , usersc/views , usersc/includes , usersc/includes/admin " but have not had success with the changes showing up.  It works fine if I edit the file directly in users/views/ though.

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it!

So there's not a set way to change that. Are you trying to get rid of something? add something? Only allow certain people to see something?

Sorry for the slow response. I didn't realize that no one answered this.
All good!  And thank you for the response!

I was trying to take full control and mod the menu all the way - change menu layout/options, hide menu items already listed while adding my items at the top, etc.

I am a user of userSpice (I believe 3.x?) and I did it then by editing the core files (bad me!).  I decided to start using the 4.x versions and wanted to kind of "update proof" my work (updates are wonderful!).

I guess my best bet will be using the template system for "users" and mod that out to match the styling of the admin portion.  That way, things will only be accessible to admin that needs to be and it will be a similar user experience for the average user.

Or I could use the "usersc/includes/admin_menu.php" to add my things but I didn't want the additions to appear at the bottom. I would like the client to have access to most of the admin stuff (security logs, IP whitelist/ban, etc.) - but some things I think they shouldn't touch (page permissions comes to mind!).

Either way it is achievable, I just wanted to work as much as possible within the "right way" of doing things.
Your best option would be for sure to use the templates system. A way you can accomplish your request however is to copy admin.php to usersc/ and change the admin_menu include to a new file you create. Just be mindful of new updates that come you'll have to include manually and update your file.

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