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Force to use 2FA -always-

First of all congratulations for this excellent tool.  To be honest, I am also thinking to donate . . . this means that I really  Heart this tool.

I have a question, though:

  • - I  want 2FA forced on users 

The application idea for this tool is to: 

  • - create users myself
  • - sent them their email containing their login details

When they log in the first time they MUST set their password and their 2FA -not leave it optional-

I could not see this setup, unless I am sleepping deprived or unable to read the guidelines.

Could someone tell me whether this is possible?


Hi Coiram,

Sorry for the delay on getting back to your request. 2Fa enforcement is not native to UserSpice. You can enforce this by checking if:
-the user is not on a 2Fa configuration page
-the user has not setup 2Fa (check the values in the $users->data()

If both the above are not met, I would redirect them to account.php?err=You must configure Two Factor Authentication or you can redirect them directly to the manage 2fa page.


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