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Large User Base Administration
Does anyone have any feedback as to how well UserSpice functions with a large (500-1000) user base? I am looking to see if there are any caveats with that type of user load. This might not be a very large user base for a lot of applications but would appreciate if anyone can indicate whether this load would not stress the UserSpice tool. Thanks.
I've imported some really large user databases into it and tried pounding on it a bit. The one thing I can say is that the database would seem to be the weak link and UserSpice (the system) puts only a fraction of the load that Wordpress or Joomla put on the db, so I am pretty confident it will hold up.

A lot depends on implementation too. As you write your app you can decide how much you want to tax the db. We chose to stick most of the core configuration info that needs to be accessed constantly in an init.php file to split that sort of load between the disk and the database. I think it's a good mix. If it starts to give issues, we can definitely help optimize that further.

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