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Updating to UserSpice from UserCake
I had a thought that you might be interested in. I like your upgrade in 5 min video.

Well lets say I am using UserCake, and have been for a while. I have added a bunch of settings and maybe even removed some stuff. I see this much better platform that I know will be better for my site, but is it really worth putting all that time into it.

So with that said, how about a tutorial on how to make the transformation easier.

Just something to think about. Something that I am trying to keep in mind with my current build as well.

Keep up the good work! :-)
I actually love that idea. I wish I had a modded version, but I really would like to talk people through how to go in and upgrade an old install to the new encryption etc and teach how to add recaptcha and things like that. I will work on that. I think I'm going to try to keep this version and its bug fixes as a "stable" version and then fork off for developing something better. I've resisted touching the db structure up to this point so the upgrade shouldn't be too bad.

I haven't downloaded UAP in a few weeks. I need to see what you're up to.

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