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Images,Videos,Music uploading
Hello US and thank you for all of your help! Have another question: Im trying to add thumbnails,music, and videos onto my profile page for my members. Do any of you know what php code is used for those? Once again THANK YOU to the great folks on here Smile
Are you trying to allow your users to upload music/videos or are you trying to let them add youtube videos? Can you give me a little bit more idea what you're trying to do?
I want them to upload videos and audio through their computer (jpeg/png). I don't want to them to have to embed Youtube or Vimeo. I want folks to upload those as well as images onto their editprofile page so it can show on the basic profile page.
First thing to understand is that letting users upload files to your site poses an whole extra set of security risks. That said, I haven't allowed people to do videos, but this is what I've used for photos. It's another class you can drop in your classes folder and takes care of all the resizing and stuff like that. It's pretty slick. It will even enhance photos if you want it to...

Being that this is my first foray into web building and my first project Im going to keep it simple and just do pics. Over time I would like to add more but Im going to just have images for now. Im definitely going to check the link out and and see about incorporating it into my edit file. I appreciate all of your help with this Smile

Ok. Here's what I did for a different project using userspice. I had a system for teachers and students and wanted them to be able to upload photos of their students... This is the form...

This is the upload.php that processes the photo

Note that this was userspice 4.0, so some of the paths for includes may be wrong.
I like the one you created. Actually class.upload.php seems quite easy and I can't wait to implement it!!
Before I let you go I have another question Smile how is one suppose to deactivate their account if they wanted to?
I hope it works out for you.

Are you talking about deactivating one of the users on userspice? I've struggled with that because it is sort of about intention. If you are trying to stop them from using your site, they will just create a new account.

But, if you want to deactivate a user...

go to the admin panel
click manage users
click a user
At the bottom change blocked from No to Yes

They will get a message saying that they have been banned. You can also go in the database in the users table and change permissions from 1 to 0 and that will do the same thing.
I should also add that if you want to change the error message, it is in us_helpers.php lines 371-373....

bold('<br><br><br>Sorry. You have been banned. If you feel this is an error, please contact the administrator.');
Thank ya but what I meant is when a member no longer wants to be member and wants to delete their account? They no longer want to be a member of the website.

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