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Themes Available?
The main install video mentions downloading other themes from userspice.org, but I cannot find any.
Do they exist?
If so, where?
Other than that, I'm loving this!
I couldn't really get anyone to get into making their own themes and uploading them, but I did make this guide to walk people through how to mod the themes.


I hope that helps.
Glad you're enjoying it btw.
I have a team of awesome guys (my sons) :-) and we love your stuff and would be happy to create some themes for you if there would be anything in it for us at all.

Let me know
Do you have the default theme packaged as such that we could use as a starting point as opposed to the full 4.1 download?
I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's been a fun project. I don't make any money off of this, but if you want to share them with the world, that would be awesome.
Sure...these are the unminified css files that make it easy to look through.
Thanks very much!
We will consider it!
FYI, I just updated my profile bio here. You might find it interesting reading.
Also, if you google my last name, you'll learn a lot more about me.
I own over 300 websites and have my own hosting company now, as well.
Awesome. Sounds good. And I always love to see the projects people build with userspice if you ever want to share.

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