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Let's talk about the future of the project
I would like to officially announce that UserSpice 5 is in development and that it's a long way off as we speak. Nothing to freak out about. No reason not to develop on 4.x. Any time there is a new, major development/announcement, it will be stickied for a while at the top of the forum http://userspice.org/forums/forum/userspice-5/ Please note that if usability issues are found going all the way back to 2.x, I still patch them. Your version of UserSpice will not be totally orphaned.

Here's the gist of what you need to know.
UserSpice 4.1.5 is coming on the week of 9/11/2016. It will include a roll up of all the bug fixes.

UserSpice 4.2.0 is in development to bring you all the goodness of UserSpice 4.1 with the addition of new social login features. Google login has been tested and is working and Facebook is on its way. Functions are being written to provide a clean experience where everything that worked for "regular" users will work for socially logged in users. No release date is set, but we may ask for some alpha testers. The good news is that this should be as painless as any other upgrade.

UserSpice 5.0 is also in development. As much as I told myself that I didn't want to do another rewrite, there are some things that can take this project to the next level. To let you in on a little secret, I had been coding php for about a month at the release of 2.5, about 2 months at 3.0, and 4 months at the release of 4.0. I've learned a few things since then.

The great news is that the classes and everything are not changing. Any tweaks to the 5.x classes will be available to 4.x users and ditto for 4.x tweaks. The core remains the same. So why the change?

In my opinion, the major goal of UserSpice is to get out of your way so you can do your job of designing a great project. I Want to give you tools, not force you in a direction. You shouldn't have to decipher UserSpice code to decide where someone redirects after logging in. You shouldn't have to read hieroglyphics to understand the join.php form. Why are there references to stripe in the join form (Answer: when I developed US4, I simultaneously developed an app for paying customers and never removed the stripe hooks).

The gist of the project is that all the settings you would ever want to change are going to be in the database or easily editable in some way shape or form. You can decide where people redirect. Forms will be a TON easier to edit. It will be multilanguage...for you and your users (80{3bc1fe685386cc4c3ab89a3f76566d8931e181ad17f08aed9ad73b30bf28114d}ish of UserSpice downloads are outside of the US and Canada). I'm not ready to provide a full feature list or demos yet...but just know that all these feature requests are being taken seriously.

The big question is ... will existing projects be upgradeable? The answer is yes. You will probably have to tweak your includes on some existing pages....nothing a find/replace couldn't handle. You'll probably have to redo your navigation....which is a good thing because navigation is handled so much better in 5.0. Anyone who has messed with 4.x nav understands the pain. Other than that...you should be good. I know these details are a bit dodgy, but we will be releasing a full list of 5.0 details soon!

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