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UserSpice 4.0 Plans
I wanted to create a thread to make it clear where version 4.0 is going and where I plan on going from there.

Version 4.0
Complete code rewrite
Complete code reorganization
Fully documented classes and features with practical examples
All new classes available to both UserSpice and the you as a developer
Fallback Procedural PHP Querying Options
Much faster code, no more clunky php form echos!
Separate views to speed up front end development
Additional security through additional validation options and PDO database access

Beyond Version 4.0

The goal of 4.0 was to be more or less feature equivalent to UserSpice 3 but with the above benefits and flexibility.
From there, the plan is to add additional features either through plugins, tutorials, or direct code integration.
Additional features such as the ability to pay at registration and other login options will have the ability to turn off and on easily.

More info to come in this thread. Beta test version coming soon!

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