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Moving to github
I spent the better part of a day trying to fix accidentally releasing credentials on git. It turned out to be easier to delete the entire repo and push out every update as a commit.
Quote:I’m very vocal that I think git is one of the least user friendly pieces of garbage that I’ve ever used and idk how someone hasn’t come up with something better

Mudmin, you need to stop repressing your emotions. Tell us how you really feel! :-)

There are other tools out there that do roughly the same thing if y'all are not fans of git... I've actually only tried git for the first time during this last month as I've played around with some contributions to Atom, so I'm definitely not "married" to it. I just know that some kind of version control is a *huge* help when trying to collaborate on a software project.

Maybe sourceforge? Svn or (older) cvs or even (granddaddy) rcs or sccs hosted on your own server?

It seems like git is far and away the winner from a popularity perspective, but svn is a very powerful option and might make life easier?

I'm not trying to push you one way or the other - just trying to help with options since the excitement level over git seems somewhat ... erm ... underwhelming... :-)
I do note that the way y'all are doing it (each new release being its own repository) is not the most standard way of organizing version control. Typically the project (UserSpice) would be one repository and each different release would be either a tagged "snapshot" on a branch or on the master or something like that. It probably doesn't matter too much, but I thought I would mention it in case you do decide to go with a totally different tool.
haha. Like I said...I definitely use it as a giant diff between releases. It just makes it nice and easy for me to give someone a link to the commit itself.

I know that I'm definitely non-standard and in the minority on my feelings with git.

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