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Change Username login
Do you want to know what the password is in advance?
Can you send me the field names you have in your spreadsheet?
this list of users.


Ok. So does your spreadsheet also have email addresses for these people?

If it does, my thought is that I could write a script for these people with email_verified set to zero and they could all login and create their own password.

If you don't have an email address for these people, we'd have to make up a fake one for them (username@yourdomain.com?). Then we could auto generate passwords for them...but you'd be responsible for contacting each person somehow and telling them their password.
You could always make a separate column called "passwordkey" or something, and have a script designed with a specific URL that checks the Username vs the PassKey and allows them to change their password. That way you don't have to worry about having plain text passwords and there is still security linked to their accounts.

...and my next mission: to figure out how to replicate this on the add/remove permissions sections.....hmmmmmm.....
i barely understand...

in the pass days i just did. a autogenerate password whit the username + a date (birthday) for their password. i have my excel whit a MD5 function and done.

but i dont understand how to do it now. i can generate random passwords for them, but i cant generate a related password for them. the last option of make a column passwordkey and alow the user to change their password is a practical solution but i dont know how to implement that.

just for the record, my knowledge is very limited but i try to do my best. even i dont know how to call another table of the mysql and put the info on the web. i am just filling users table like crazy. for call it on this way

i did this. for call the info from another table

$usermes_1 = $db->query("SELECT b.user_mes_1 FROM users a, usermes b WHERE a.id=b.id");

and works, but i dont know how to put it on the html.

Well, here is what I'm thinking.

If that spreadsheet you have has people's email addresses, then that is the MOST secure way to do it. You could import that table into the db in phpmyadmin (as a csv file...super simple) and if you give me a sample of that file ... it doesn't even have to have the real info... I just need to know what the column names look like, I can write you a script that creates an account for every user and creates a mystery password that would be unknowable. From there, your users would try to login and they would be asked to verify their email and change their password.

If you don't have the email, I don't know how you would get the people their username...BUT if you have any other identifying info on the people, I could hash that together to generate a password kind of like you were talking about. The key is know what info you have on each person, so I could run a little test for you.
mudmin. one ask. in localhost i can login normaly, everything works fine. but when i upload to a server. when i try to login. just show me the header of login.php.

Can you give me a little bit of info about the server? Apache? nginx?

Did you upload and install userspice on the server or just copy the files?
just copy the files.
system: Linux (apache), just upload and copy the files. edit the init.php with the info of the DB that is in another server.

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