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Why hello there!
Hey guys,

Nice to meet you! I am Brandin, or neverforget98. I used to do foruming many years ago, then got into the web hosting industry, now I just code for fun. I love this software so far, it's beautiful. I was a long-time user of UserCake. There was many people who tried to replicate it when they stopped production for UserCake, but none of them worked for what I wanted, this does.

I am still getting used to PDO. I've for the time being continued using MySQLi queries and made a separate config file. I use my software too regularly currently to work on this PDO switch right now. I do however, see the benefits of doing so. I've coded PHP and HTML for several years now. I am a bit rusty, but I'm getting back into the grove.

I hope to help out eventually, after I learn what the heck I'm doing lol.

Thank you and nice to meet you!
Thanks for joining us! Note that we do have the ability to write raw queries on UserSpice

We also have the ability to return results without sticking them in objects if the oop stuff messes with your brain. It did mess with me for a while.

I hope you enjoy userspice and I'll probably be interested in rolling your CSS fix out to the main project once you figure it out.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate this. I will do some looking into the query feature you have told me about. I will figure it out some day! Lol.

Thank you!

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