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Can not signin with username is number
OAuth utilizing an external vendor. One of my sites utilizing US operates in a support capacity to a larger organization, and they use a slightly customized OAuth login to allow users to have a single sign on across these support sites. Was just curious if that kind of OAuth login was going to be implemented natively by US, as opposed to just Google and Facebook.
From what I understand about OAuth is that its hard to do a "one-fits-all" implementation and rather each specific type of use would need to be configured and created. For example, my work uses Office 365, so our OAuth application for O365 might work for that but not work for your organization. I am not 100{3bc1fe685386cc4c3ab89a3f76566d8931e181ad17f08aed9ad73b30bf28114d} sure though as I am not a OAuth specialist by any means lol

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